It’s not summer in Maine

What’s up guys!!

*So as I blog from my phone I warn of bad grammar and spelling errors 


So as the title says... ITS NOT SUMMER HERE. But windy and rainy days make for some good biking. The people have been the best part, and the diner food is a close second. 


As I am quickly learning about self-supported bike touring all you really are time to do is: wake up, eat, prep bike, break down camp, bike, eat, bike, drink huge amounts of liquids (not beer;)), bike some more, get to your next camp, setup camp, shower, laundry, eat, plan the next day, then sleep. 

Yup, thats the bare bones of it.  But, the days are always incredible with meeting new people, riding new roads, seeing the most random things, and learning about a corner of our country that I know little about. 


Did you know that the black flies here are worse than mosquitos and that they love biting and swarming cyclists from California. Who would of thought:) My waitress yesterday said they are considered to be the State Bird here in Maine... great sense of humor.


ill blog when I can, but if you really want to follow along add me on Strava for the biking, and on Instagram for most of the things inbetween.  


Ill post highlights from each state on my Instagram Profile, and will most likey have a daily story going on. Only posting my fav pictures.


There is so much to tell, but there will be time later:) 


Well know now that you know what a typically day looks like for me, it’s time to go to sleep! 


Here are some fun random pics of Maine, and it’s cusine from the last few days.  


Until next time when I have time, I’ll catch ya later