Mini Tour of California’s Central Coast

Planning a cross country bike ride takes a lot of planning, as you could probably guess. I finally have the bike and all the gear I will need to bike across the US starting this May, and I really wanted to test it out! So, earlier this week I drove up to Pismo Beach and left my car there with a super nice guy named Andrew that I met on WarmShowers.

From there I got my bike packed up and headed for the San Simeon Campground. I met some really nice people at the campground and they kept an eye on my tent as I headed up to check out the elephant seals. I saw some whales along that way, which made the day for me! 

Upon returning to camp I realized that my neighbor in camp had a screw loose, so I opted to move my tent a bit further away haha. The evening was nice, and some other campers even invited me to hang out next to their fire:)

The next day I was off to Paso Robles to meet my good friends Toby and Mel. We rendezvoused at the Firestone Walker Brewery for a quick lunch and to share some stories. Love you guys!! 

From there I was headed down to camp in Pismo Beach for the night. The ride was beautiful, and I even spotted some wild turkeys and a few deer.

That night I treated myself to some Tacos for Taco Tuesday at a great local restaurant called Old Juan’s. Highly recommend it if you’re in the area! 

The test ride was a success and all the gear worked wonderfully. I am even doing this video and blog all from my phone just like I’ll be doing on the ride! 

Great riding and great people! Now, I really cannot wait to get up to Maine and hit the road.  

 All routes were recorded on Strava, so if your curious exactly where I was you can see it there. 


Blow is a picture of my 1st WarmShowers Host! Thanks Andrew:)